Beats by Dre

Beats By Dre 'Be Ready'

Digital Campaign

The Beats ‘Be Ready’ was The Drum’s 2016 Social Media Campaign of the Year in Europe.

What do you do when you have have 15 minutes with talent and you want to make something awesome? Get resourceful.

Euro Cup. Summer 16. Griezmann. Kane. Fabregras.

Our strategy was straight forward, let our sponsored athletes tell the personal stories of how they get ready for the big game. Shoot them in product and talk about how music is a part of that focus. The worlds biggest athletes on the worlds biggest stage.. use Beats prior to the game.

We had very little time with talent so we decided to capture MOS video, BTS photos, and a doc-style interviews to build personal, mobile-focused videos.

This campaign won a couple of awards including Drum’s Social Media Campaign of the Year.

Luckily, one of my favorite creatives to work with, Jesse McGowan, jumped on board to create the GIFs with us and we had a dedicated editorial team to put the edits together for this tight turnaround.

The genesis of this campaign actually came from a prototype that we built within 24hrs from server-bound, unused Karl Anthony Towns footage. This served as the template for the rest of the campaign – MOS with VO and a direct address, simple but effective. This video direction trickled down from the Euro Cup to Anthony Joshua’s big title fight and ultimately into the fabric of all future Beats video content.

Mobile Videos. Mobile-focused videos highlighted an insight from the players. Subs were incorporated as a design feature rather than a secondary thought.

GIFs. High-impact, low funnel content. These motion pieces were created from simple photographs and had custom messages for each players moments during the tournament.

Athlete Photography. A simple muted background lets the product and team colors sing. We captured the focus and dedication of the players prior to the games… Beats gets you ready.

Anthony Joshua. Be Ready Content Campaign

Karl Anthony Towns ‘ROY’ Congrats. The Protoype.

IG GRID. Custom Product + Campaign Launch.

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