Burton 'The White Collection'

16' Board Graphics + Story

Here’s the story on designing Shaun White’s 2015-16 Burton board graphics…

When I sat down with Shaun to discuss his upcoming Burton board graphic we settleded on making something  powerful, something that truly represented him and where he was at that moment in his life. We noticed that American heritage wasn’t just a theme that was showing up in his clothing line and on the clothes he was wearing but it was the story that he had been telling for some time now.. an American Olympic hero, an American heritage snowboard brand.. and then, of course, the artist who brought forward bespoke American heritage graphics and illustrations back into the spotlight: Jon Contino.
As we all know, nothing great comes easy and Shaun put me through the ringer to find the graphic that he truly felt connected to.. and therefor I put Jon and his team through the same process.

In the end, everyone was happy and I specifically remember getting a happy text from Shaun letting me know that Jeff Koons thought the graphic was amazing. Can’t be mad at that. Real american heritage right there.

Throughout the process we documented and examined Shaun’s choice of artist, the creative process and the artwork itself. The video wasn’t released, but we have some still frames below.


June 3rd.
Shaun just texted me. He said he just ran into Jeff Koons
and that Jeff told him he loved the board graphics.

The Process

Working with SW x Jon Contino x Burton

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